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Revolution Taco

About us

At Revolution Taco, our name is just the beginning. Even though tacos are a cornerstone of our menu, our taqueria café offers so much more. We take pride in our freshly made corn tortillas for our tacos. Additionally, we serve delicious desserts and our in-house-brewed tepache de piña. To top it all off, our Revolution Taco hot sauce collection adds an extra kick to every bite. We are inspired by ingredients from across cultures and by an artisanal approach to preparing food. We source the freshest ingredients to craft a menu that transcends cultural boundaries. We are not "fast food." We embrace the philosophy that real food deserves the same meticulous attention and high-quality ingredients found in fine dining establishments. Come and join us at Revolution Taco for an amazing experience. Enjoy the fusion of diverse flavors, savor the thrill of unconventional combinations, and celebrate culinary creativity.

Some menu highlights include Korean Beef tacos, Roast Duck tacos served on a scallion pancake, and our vegan BBQ Cauliflower tacos. We have several other vegetarian and vegan options as well.

Carolyn and her team will use their culinary knowledge and experience in restaurants and catering to bring the city of Philadelphia a fresh, and unique approach to the understated taco, by elevating the flavors and presentation of our products.

The menu includes not only tacos but also burritos and burrito bowls, hand-made chips, accompanied by fresh-made pico de gallo, and guacamole as well as homemade empanadas. We look forward to seeing you enjoy our food and atmosphere.